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Redwood environmental services aims to provide professional and quality services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also operate out of hours 24 hours a day on a pre-planned basis. Please find a comprehensive list of our environmental services below:

Drain Cleaning

Drain Re-lining

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys / Pipeline Inspections

Manhole Surveys

Cesspit and Septic Tank Cleaning

Concrete / Root Cutting

Large Storage Tanks Inspections and Cleaning

Waste Disposal

Sewer CCTV Surveys

Liquid Waste Tankers

Sewer Pump Station (SPS) Surveys and Cleaning

Confined Space Entries

GIS electronic Mapping

Drain Cleaning and Unblocking

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Sewage Treatment Plant, Septic tank and Cesspit installations:

New legislation regarding discharge from septic tanks has come into force. If you discharge waste illegally, which we can check for you, it may be advisable to install a sewage treatment plant. In the event you wish to sell your property, you may be required by the buyer to demonstrate that sewage treatment complies with the new legislation. Please contact us to discuss your current arrangements as we can assist you in understanding your needs.

Our experts will survey your home or premises to advise you of the right system for the application, factoring the number of bedrooms and people living in the household and consider any potential requirements should any property be extended in the future. If you are considering buying a property that uses a private sewage system, we recommend a visual inspection to check the condition of the system and to ensure it meets the new legislation and we can advise of any problems before purchase.

Soakaways and septic tanks Installation, inspection and repairs

Redwood Environmental Services carry out soakaway installations and can inspect and effect repairs to septic tanks, cesspit and sewage treatment plants to keep them in optimum condition.

We can also help identify problems and condition by carrying out CCTV surveys including drain defects, concrete or root cutting.


As well as repair drains, we install new drainage systems where are you are re-routing a drain for a building project or installing a new drain.

We install new inspection chambers and renew drainage to most specifications.
We carry out sewer connections – whether for a new property or an existing property converted from a septic.
We would be delighted to assist in dealing with the NRW or local authorities.

Commercial Services

Pump Chamber emptying

Pump chambers and pumping stations are often used where waste cannot reach the main sewer due to insufficient falls in the drainage, as a result, the waste is directed to a central point usually a pumping station or wet well. Regular emptying and maintenance including cleaning ensures that the system works optimally. Our combination tanker Jetters are able to remove the waste and clean the system using high-pressure water jetters.

Site toilets

Redwood environmental services provide a fast and efficient service for emptying construction site toilets, oasis units, effluent thanks, welfare units and portable cabin facilities. We empty site toilets including:

– Campsites and caravan parks
– Festivals and events
– Construction sites

Leachate removal

Redwood environmental services remove landfill leachate waste and dispose of it at a licensed facility for treatment. We operate a fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 2000 to 6000 gallons capacities which are able to cope with any volume of leachate waste.

Sewage tanks, septic tank, and cesspool emptying

Cesspools or septic tanks need to be emptied on a regular basis, the environment agency recommends this is done on an annual basis, this can help reduce the risk of overflowing tanks, blockages, and soak away problems and avoid unnecessary and undesired smells.

Private drainage systems including septic tanks and cesspools are commonly found in route areas that can often be hard to reach, we have various sizes all vehicles to reach most situations. We offer scheduled emptying to maintain private drainage in optimum condition including group or neighbourly bookings please contact us for details.


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