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Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment

At Redwood Environmental Services, we provide a reliable drain services that enables specialist septic tank and sewage treatment services. We can discuss your requirements with you to advise on the most suitable sewage treatment or septic tank installation, and we can also offer professional repairs for existing systems.

Cesspit / Septic Tank Emptying Service

Emptying a cesspit involves removing the waste and liquid stored inside the cesspit and disposing of it in an environmentally safe manner. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Before emptying a cesspit, the site is prepared for the process. This may involve moving vehicles, equipment, and other items away from the area and ensuring that the site is safe and accessible for the cesspit tanker.
  • Access: The cesspit tanker then gains access to the cesspit. This may involve opening a manhole cover or accessing the cesspit through a pump chamber.
  • Pumping: The tanker is equipped with a powerful pump, which is used to remove the waste and liquid from the cesspit. The tanker pumps the waste into a storage tank located on the tanker.
  • Separation: With a Septic tank during the pumping process, the waste and liquid are separated. The solids and sludge are stored in the storage tank, while the liquids are pumped back into the septic tank.
  • Disposal: Once the cesspit has been emptied, the waste and liquid are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. This typically involves transporting the waste to a sewage treatment plant, where it is treated or disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.
  • Cleaning: After the pumping is complete, the cesspit is cleaned and disinfected to remove any residual waste or odours.
  • Monitoring: The cesspit is then monitored for any leaks or other issues. If any problems are detected, they are repaired as soon as possible to ensure that the cesspit continues to function properly.

Emptying a cesspit is a critical part of maintaining and managing these waste storage systems. The process is carefully managed to ensure that the waste is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner and that the cesspit continues to function properly. It is important to regularly empty a cesspit to prevent the build-up of waste and to ensure that it continues to function as designed.

Difference between Cesspit and Septic Tank

Both cesspits and septic tanks are used for the disposal of wastewater from homes and buildings that are not connected to a public sewer system. However, there are some differences between the two:


  • Function: A cesspit is a sealed underground container that holds all the wastewater from a property. It does not have an outlet or a filtration system and therefore requires regular emptying. On the other hand, a septic tank is a container that collects wastewater and separates solids from liquids. The liquids are then discharged through a soakaway system, while the solids remain in the tank and are periodically pumped out.
  • Capacity: Cesspits are generally smaller than septic tanks and can hold only a limited amount of wastewater. As a result, cesspits require more frequent emptying than septic tanks.
  • Maintenance: Cesspits require more frequent maintenance than septic tanks because they need to be emptied more often. Septic tanks, however, require regular maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly and to avoid blockages.
  • Environmental impact: Cesspits can have a greater environmental impact than septic tanks because they do not have a filtration system and therefore can release untreated wastewater into the environment. Septic tanks, on the other hand, are designed to treat wastewater and release only the liquid portion into the environment after it has been properly treated.


In summary, a cesspit is a sealed underground container that holds all the wastewater from a property and requires regular emptying, while a septic tank separates solids from liquids and discharges the liquids after treatment through a soakaway system.

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